How Cactus Can Help You Lose Weight

Have you ever eaten a cactus? There’s a good chance your answer to that question is “no.” Though cactus isn’t necessarily something you want to eat, it does have quite a few nutritional benefits. One particular cactus extract has been used in India as a natural appetite suppressant for over 100 years. This unique and powerful extract is now available from Boca Health in the form of Slimaluma.

Boca Health

Slimaluma combines this and three other extracts to create a powerful, organic weight loss suppressant. The patented cactus extract has been proven to reduce body fat and body mass index (BMI) by inhibiting the cells responsible for creating fats.

Green Tea extract is another key component of Slimaluma. The specially selected green tea contained in Slimaluma is naturally infused with high levels of concentrated EGCG, a chemical known to increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation. In simpler terms, EGCG speeds up and intensifies the burning of fats, making weight loss more manageable.

Extracts from cocoa nut and yerb mate are also infused in Slimaluma. These two extracts are proven natural stimulants, providing caffeine for energy and theobromine for more fat burning power. The yerb mate extract acts as a cleanser for the body, promoting detoxification during weight loss. This exotic extract also can prolong the feeling of fullness, which is a key to losing weight.

Slimaluma isn’t like other weight suppressants, which are often dangerous synthetics. Slimaluma is all-natural, Certified Kosher, Certified Halal, and Certified Organic. Recent studies have shown that regular use of Slimaluma can reduce new fat cells by up to 35%. If you’re looking for a natural product to augment your current diet, Slimaluma is the perfect suppressant for you. Slimaluma is now available from Boca Health. For more information visit any of Boca Health’s locations in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lauderdale Lakes and Miami.

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About Boca Health

Boca Health is a Florida-based, physician owned and operated weight management and wellness center dedicated to helping women and men boost metabolism, lose weight and achieve optimal overall health on the inside and out.
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